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International Digital Law and Immigration

International Digital Law and Immigration

Our clients will feel accompanied from their state of origin to their host state by a team of specialized professionals, who will always watch over the rights and interests of our clients.


1.-Consultancy specialized in entering and exiting the Schengen territory, processing of residence and / or work permits, entrepreneurship and investment for citizens of third countries, especially those of the United Kingdom and Ireland Adaptation Agreement with the European Union ( BREXIT), valid from January 1, 2,021.

2.-Development of business projects and viability for processing Golden Visa visas of the Law to support entrepreneurs and their internationalization.

3.-Preparation of business projects for strategic economic investment sectors such as the acquisition of properties of more than 500,000 euros, contributions to the capital stock of Spanish companies or venture capital funds, among other investment tools of interest to the Spanish economy such as DIGITALIZATION OF COMPANIES (Law 14/2013, to Support Entrepreneurship and its internationalization, also called the Golden Visa Law).

4.-Processing of health insurance with private and / or public insurers, through health care agreements with Spain and even for relocated excluded by private insurers, either due to age or serious illness.

5.- Location of the ideal home for our relocated, on a rental or home purchase regime, according to their profile and duration of the residence and / or work permit that best suits the needs of the relocation or relocation in Spain .

6.- Processing of residence permits under the general and community regime, such as: residence cards for a family member of an EU citizen, as well as residence and work permits under the general regime RD557 / 2011, (residence and work authorizations due to roots social, work and family, employee / own account, regrouping, etc).

7.-Processing of registrations in Social Security and Tax Agency of residence and work concessions for self-employed entrepreneurs.

8.-Processing of application for Spanish nationality.

9.- Presentation of administrative appeals, sanctioning and contentious-administrative judicial proceedings.

10.- Processing of marriage and domestic partnership files in situ or by proxy.

11.- Exequatur or homologation of foreign judicial decisions.

12.- Processing of Divorces and Inheritances with an international or foreign element.

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