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Tax Planning



Business Tax Planning is essential in the times we live in. During the creation of a business and the course of its development, you will encounter different procedures before different administrations that you will have to deal with.

Our main objective at INTREXIA is to design a tailor-made Tax Plan for each of our clients, offering them the best possible personalized advice.

Our group of expert advisers, backed by our ten years of experience in this sector, will advise you in the best way, optimizing your company fiscally and guaranteeing you the peace of mind you need in order to dedicate that time, for example, to promoting the productivity of your business.

Planning provides us with a wide range of legal and economic possibilities and cost optimization. We will take care of analyzing them in depth and, after evaluating them, we will choose the measures that best suit your business.

Business Tax Planning today is essential. When creating a business and as it grows, you will inevitably be required to process an increasing amount of paperwork for different institutions. Our main objective is providing personalised advice and creating bespoke solutions for each of our clients.

Our team is made up of experts with over ten years’ experience in the sector. They have the expertise to give you the best possible advice on how to betteroptimise your business fiscallyso you can have peace of mind and worry about other important things, like managing productivity, for example.

With sound planning we can offer a wide range of legal and economic options, apart from cost optimisation. After careful analysis and assessment we can help you choose the measures that best suit your particular business.


Sound tax planning:

  • Tax optimisation.
  • Assessment of funding and investment projects.
  • Analysis of organisation and business strategy.
  • Assessment of legal advantages for deductions, rebates and amortisations.
  • Insurance plans for businesses


Whether it’s families or individuals, our specialists can provide answers to all your questions and help you with your family estate planning.

  • Advice on tax concepts.
  • Estate planning.
  • Charitable planning.
  • Family insurance.
  • Review of payroll and tax withholdings.
  • Optimisation of the Income Declaration.


Now, more than ever before, freelancers and entrepreneurs need our support. We want to help them plan and manage their projects in the best possible way.

  • Information and support when creating the company or starting professional activity.
  • Assistance when preparing business and feasibility plans.
  • Assessment of the professional activity: alternatives and possible difficulties.
  • Seeking funding and finding financial support schemes for entrepreneurs.
  • Comprehensive tax planning.
  • Business insurance.

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