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Financial Planning



The Comprehensive Financial Planning of Companies and Individuals, helps to lower costs and get an optimal performance from the assets of the company or the individual in question.

At INTREXIA we will help you keep your cash from depreciating due to inflation, in addition, we will guide and advise you to invest to get the most out of your money.

Our team of professionals, specialized in the sector, will carry out a comprehensive study of your assets, both to assess the situation at the beginning of the service hiring as well as during the process.

We will analyze your current situation and specify possible objectives and real goals both in the short term and in the long term.

Once we have this preliminary report, our objective will be to achieve savings and invest taking into account the income, expenses and action plans developed in the study until reaching the proposed financial objectives.

The Financial Plan that we propose at INTREXIA consists of the following:

  • Analysis of the level of spending, savings, debts and assets.
  • List of objectives and study of them. Money needed and estimated date to meet the goal.
  • Creation of a plan to achieve the objectives and analysis of possible improvements to reduce spending and achieve more savings.
  • Search for the most suitable investments.
  • Periodic review of the plan taking into account personal circumstances and the market.

Carrying out a successful Financial Planning is equivalent to having greater peace of mind in the future, with it we foresee possible situations that may occur in the long term: the purchase of a vehicle, the acquisition of a home, the renewal of the company’s computer equipment, possible reforms … so that it is an economically bearable situation and does not suppose any difficulty.

The advantages of a Financial Planning are several and among them, we can find:

  • Know the current financial situation of the company or the family.
  • Tax optimization.Avoid borrowing to finance the client’s goals.
  • By regaining control of expenses, we will encourage greater savings.

You can also count on us for Succession Planning and Donations to avoid future tax contingencies and with the lowest possible notarial cost.

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